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  AUGUST 2019  


Watch Out For Vacation Rental Scams The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has issued a warning about a new scam that happens in the physical world, but starts online. Here's how it works: You receive a call from someone claiming to be trying to deliver a package to you. Given how frequently many people order items online for home delivery, this lie would be easy to believe. (The scammers have a back-up lie ready to go if you say you haven't ordered anything recently: The package is a gift.) The caller than asks you to verify personal information or give them your credit card number to "reschedule the delivery."

This communication may also be in the form of an email message in which you're asked to click a link "to track your package," though the link actually activates the installation of malware on your computer. This malware can also be used by the scammer to gain your personal information.

Once the scammers have your private data, they find ways to use it to steal your money or your identity. Here's how to stay safe:
  • Know how deliveries actually work. If a delivery person is unable to deliver a package to you, the typical next step is to leave a note on your door. You may also receive an email from the entity from which you ordered.

    If possible, know which company will be delivering your package and know how they operate. For example, UPS has posted a statement letting customers know what to expect.

  • Track your packages. Know when each real package is supposed to arrive, so you'll be harder to fool if a scammer does contact you.

  • Never offer your personal information to someone contacting you out of the blue. No matter how friendly the caller may seem, it's always safest to hang up the phone and contact the customer service number for the entity from which you ordered.

  • Never click links in emails from unknown senders. Spammers are good at making their email messages look legitimate.

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